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    The Del Visionaries Scholarship Program



    The Del Visionaries Scholarship Program is dedicated to creating future leaders and entrepreneurs. The fund was established to assist both traditional and non-traditional high school seniors accomplish their goals. Scholarships may be awarded to pursue post-secondary education or to start a business of their own after high school.




    • Del Visionaries offers a variety of scholarships for both traditional and non-traditional high school students. We accept applications from any high school senior with a dream, a goal, and an action plan. Whether you had a 4.0 GPA four years running, or you had a rocky start and attended an alternative school and changed your life around, all applications will be reviewed.
    • Applicants must be high school seniors in the 2013-2014 school year.
    • Non-traditional applicants must have shown dedicated improvement in performance in the past year.
    • Applicants must have the drive to succeed and the motivation to pursue their goals. Dare to dream!


    Scholarship Award

    • Scholarship amounts range from $1,000-$5,000.
    • Scholarships are eligible to be used toward any post-secondary education or training, including vocational or technical training, two-year or four-year degree programs, or to start a business after high school.


    Application Process

    If you have any questions on the application process, please contact us at or call 1.888.678.6954.


    Application Deadline

    Completed applications must be submitted online by September 15, 2013.


    Application Materials

    1. Personal statement: (500-1,000 words / between 1-2 pages)
      • Tell us about yourself.
      • What are your educational and / or career goals?
      • Why do you need assistance from the Del Advisory scholarship fund? How will these funds help?

    2. Essay: (1,500-2,500 words / between 3-5 pages)
      • If you had the resources to start your own small business, right now or right after high school, what it would it be, what would you do in the company?
      • Describe the kind of product or service you would launch or sell in your new company.
      • Describe the market your business would serve.
      • How would you market your business to those customers?
      • Where will you and your new business be in 5 years? 10 years?

    3. Transcripts: May be requested for last 6 months in some cases, but not required


    Notice to Applicants:

    By applying for a scholarship, you grant Del Visionaries permission to post your name on our website or in other marketing communications in the event you are awarded the scholarship.


    Good luck!

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