Youth Entrepreneurship
Del Visionary



      We owe it to the next generation to prepare them for a world in which they have the self-esteem, confidence and skill set to be successful in their future, which is also our future.


      Considering the facts below, teaching and exposing  our youth to entrepreneurialism at a young age only makes sense.


        • America is the leader in Capitalism and Free Enterprise

        • 75% of all new jobs come from small businesses

        • There are roughly 2M college grads today looking for jobs they can’t find

        • At the beginning of 2010, unemployment is at record highs of 10%


      What if some of those 2M grads or some of those 26M unemployed adults would have been exposed to entrepreneurialism at a young age?  Would they be looking for jobs right now…or would they be creating jobs?


      Author and Founder Anthony Delmedico Teaches Entrepreneurship



      has launched a a new interactive learning system called the LITTLE GREEN MONEY MACHINE, where kids, tweens, and teens will learn how to set goals, set up their first business, earn and save money, as well as give back to the community!  


      This fun, new interactive learning system will teach them to set up and run their very first business.  But equally as important, they will also learn a value set, a confidence factor, about themselves and the world that cannot be taught by reading a book alone or in a traditional classroom setting.